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 usefulness and development of WordPress website for business purpose

usefulness and development of WordPress website for business purpose

What is WordPress?

WordPress is system software developed with PHP that allows free and open-source content management. It is mainly used to build blog sites with customizable designs and themes and use them for free web hosting and support. WordPress powers more than 40% of websites over the internet. On a more technical level, the site is licensed under GPLv2, which allows anyone to modify the software as per the user’s choice, for free. Therefore, it is considered an easy content management system that provides several tools to manage websites easily. WordPress allows a user to host, build and customize the website as per business needs. Although it is used to build websites for certain business ventures and companies, it can also be commonly used for personal blogging. The site is simple, flexible, and yet powerful for blogging with its easy dashboard, customizing options, and more. Developing websites on WordPress is generally done by professionals who are well aware of the features and have in hand experience with WordPress, since developing projects on WordPress is a little complicated, time-consuming, and costly. Thus, companies rarely trust people with WordPress website development. Despite several advantages, there are certain disadvantages of using WordPress as well. Therefore, further discussing the pros and cons of using WordPress.

Pros and cons of WordPress

In the initial years, WordPress was just a blogging website, however, now it is one of the largest CMS. So, it is important to know about the pros and cons of using WordPress for website development. Starting with the pros;

  • User-friendly: WordPress is an amazing site for blogging although it is also used for website development and management. The backend of WordPress is quite easy to handle. As for website management, and development the contents and features of WordPress are so organized that it becomes easy for people. The impressive plugins that are available also guide the quality assessment of the program.
  • SEO friendly: SEO is extremely important for online businesses and websites are supposed to excel in their SEO aspects. Thus, WordPress websites are generally easy to maintain which increases their optimization. The blogs that are simply posted on WordPress are also easy to market and thus excel in SEO. The responsive aspect of WordPress not only increases reliability but also helps with SEO.
  • Free and open-source: WordPress is open-source software and therefore, helps the user to change and customize as per their business requirement. WordPress is also a free site that can be used by anyone for blogging. The GPLv2 license allows WordPress programmers to use and develop sites on WordPress as per the client’s demands.

After discussing the positive points of WordPress it is time to discuss the disadvantages of using WordPress for website development.

  • Vulnerable: WordPress is extremely prone to hacking, being an open-source platform. Apart from that risk mitigation is also an issue for WordPress, along with that update installment is an issue since a lot needs to be taken care of before updating. At times the speed decreases and takes a lot of time to load the site, which becomes a severe issue.
  • Updates: updates are important for all websites and platforms since they take care of technical health. Although for WordPress the updates are considered a nuisance since a lot can go wrong if not done properly. WordPress updates seem to bring back small problems from the past at times.
  • Customization: Customization is extremely expensive thus if you aren't a WordPress developer then it might be a problem. Updates provide customization features and thus not knowing how to update and being familiar with the features can cause an issue, or even bring back previous problems.

Building a website with WordPress

After discussing the pros and cons of using WordPress as a site as well as a website development platform it is time to know more about building a website with WordPress. Building a WordPress website is easy with the mentioned steps, however, to know more about the steps in detail your need to contact us through our website. Moving on to the steps;

  • Step 1: defining your site is important since it provided similar content every month. It is thus essential to choose a topic for the business that suits your interest.
  • Step 2: choosing a domain name for your site is important because it helps people to recognize your site. Doing some research and choosing a mate that fits your business is the best.
  • Step 3: Consider proper web hosting to handle your site. Shared hosting is most familiar with any WordPress-developed website.
  • Step 4: Choosing a WordPress theme from the thousands of themes available is quite important as it serves the business purpose.
  • Step 5: Take care of the WordPress plugins since they provide customization and flexibility.
  • Step 6: complete administrative page setup is the next most important step. Before focusing on the website content, it is important to take care of the page administration.
  • Step 7: publishing your WordPress site is the next most important step in making pages visible.
  • Step 8: marketing your website is important, for it takes care of the SEO and promotes the site in every way possible.
  • Step 9: site backing up is important since it takes care of the existing content so that they don't get lost in case of a crash.

Learn more about the WordPress website and how to develop them or use them for business with our service. Take some time out to check out our services.