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 understanding virtual reality and augmented reality

understanding virtual reality and augmented reality

Computers, smartphones, and every other digital medium have become a significant part of our lives. The mediums have engrossed us in such a way that we spend a lot of time staring at these screens. A major part of our social media, movies and news is a part of these mediums. Two of the dominant technologies like VR and AR are changing our perspectives about these mediums. Virtual reality and augmented reality are changing the way we see the screens, by creating exciting interactive experiences for us. It creates an association between the virtual and physical worlds. There is a major difference between VR and AR and the way it creates an immersive environment for the user.

Virtual reality and augmented reality create a major difference in the user experiences since VR uses a headset to place the user in a computer-generated (CG) world. While on the other hand, AR creates a world around the user by creating digital images and layers. Both technologies can be experienced through smart devices like a television or smartphone. Virtual reality allows the users to explore a situation by transporting them to that place, while augmented reality can bring the objects from that world around you into your own realm. However, both cutting-edge technologies allow you to explore content and gather information virtually.

What exactly is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a technological development that immerses the user in a digital world with the help of a simple headset wherein the screen displays a virtual environment. The headset that is used for a VR portrayal has head tracking technology which allows the users to get a clear view of the environment by actually physically moving their head. Virtual reality allows a 360-degree view of the digital environment without actually leaving the tangible space. There are mainly two types of VR devices and both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Screen-built headset: this type of headset is usually quite expensive. They connect with the computer or TV with its built-in powerful system to operate smoothly. One of the most famous screen-built headsets is PlayStation, which connects itself with the gaming console to provide a real-life experience to the user. There are a few devices that come along with the headsets like handheld controllers that help to create an interactive experience for the user.

Phone attaching headset: these types of headsets tend to be on the less expensive side, which doesn't require any type of computer or TV set to perform, instead they perform with the help of smartphones. Although the graphics are not that good and the performance can lack at times they are still preferred by people due to their value for price quality and low investment options.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality allows the user to experience the world with the help of digital imageries and videos that are layered on top of it. Although there are certain headsets available to have an AR experience, they can also be viewed with the help of certain lenses. Apart from that, there are devices like HoloLense and Magic leap that can provide quite the experience to the user. AR headsets are still more expensive than VR headsets since they are primarily marketed for business purposes. Augmented reality can also be accessed by people through smartphones or laptops without even taking the help of headsets. Gaming apps like PokemonGo and social media apps like Snapchat use AR and people have been using these apps without even being familiar with the AR experience.

Both virtual reality and augmented reality have been growing at a great pace and have been taking over the digital world with technological improvement. It has been surveyed and predicted that they are going to grow even more and become even more popular in the future. With the advancement and further improvement in their technologies, both can also be implemented in business and that can be exciting.