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 Understanding fundamental differences between graphic design and web design

Understanding fundamental differences between graphic design and web design

The world of design is creative and quite interesting, it allows one to not only explore but also create epic things digitally. However, if one is new to the field they might face confusion regarding many things. First, what comes to mind is the difference between graphic design and web design. One might initially wonder if that requires the same or different skill sets in order to pursue the opportunities. Thus, with specialization in this topic, we have come to discuss the key differences and similarities between the two. There are a few crucial differences between the two that companies check before hiring. Let us dive right into the differences by understanding the two career choices separately.

Graphic design and designers

Graphic designing is the creative field focusing on graphics, typography, illustration, and images in order to communicate an idea to the audience. Graphic designers generally work in print mediums as well as digital mediums. Traditionally the work of a graphic designer was limited to designing logos, posters, and brochures; however, with evolving technology graphic designers got more opportunities to create digital assets. Graphic designers have a profound understanding of layouts, aesthetics, and packages and have a steady hand in software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw, and others. A graphic designer doesn't need any coding or programming experience. Digital designing being an art, graphic designing and web designing is considered a part of that collective sphere of creativity. The designs, procedures, and aesthetics have evolved a lot through the past few years, and therefore graphic design has practically improved a lot.

Web design and designers

Websites are an integral part of digital marketing and it is the first thing that a client or an audience views. Hence, the outlook of the website matters more than anything, which is why web designers are considered important. Web designing is the process of creating graphics that go along with the aesthetics of the website. There are certain restrictions that a web designer faces which can be dodged by graphic designers like the optimization of the graphics as per the device. The responsiveness of the website is an important aspect that is to be taken care of by a web designer. Web designing requires a tad bit of knowledge of coding and understanding of programming language. Just like graphic designers, a web designer requires to understand the color, hierarchy, and layout of a website while designing the UI/UX. There are specific skills that need to be dug deep by a website designer such as software as well as a bit of programming.

How is graphic designing different from web designing?

There is similar respect for both fields however they are both completely different from each other based on a few key differences.

  • Technical knowledge: the first and most important thing that differentiates web designing from graphic designing is technical knowledge. Web designers require whatsoever kind of technical knowledge regarding programming and software. Whereas graphic designers rarely require any technical knowledge except for the software handling skill. Technical constraints like loading time and file size are generally faced by web designers.
  • Dynamic: another most important difference between graphic design and web design is static and dynamic creativity. Web designing is flexible and can be changed over the course of time as per the demand and requirements of the client. Design is meant to evolve and web design provides the scope of change.
  • Interactive: websites provide navigation buttons and provide scope for user interaction whereas graphic designing doesn't have scope for interaction. Graphic designing is less interactive than website designing.
  • Dimensions: as mentioned earlier, the file size doesn't play a major role in graphic design, since they care about the resolution and therefore create designs with huge file sizes. However, web designers require to take care of the website loading time as well as optimize the website for different devices. Thus, dimensions matter a lot for web designers rather than graphic designers.

Similarities between graphic designing and web designing

Since we discussed the differences between graphic design and web design it is now time to discuss how both the fields are similar, since both come from the basics of designing and communicating with the audience through the audience.

  • Designing fundamentals: both web design and graphic design have the same base, namely creativity, typography, understanding of color, and fundamentals of design. Therefore, web and graphic design can be considered similar on the basis of design.
  • Updated with trends: designs change from time to time and it is reminiscent of the time period and the ongoing trend. Be it web design or graphic design, it reflects today’s design trends. And in order to be in business and be relatable to the audience, it is important for both web designers and graphic designers to be updated with the recent trends.
  • Communication: Since design is considered the way of visually communicating with the audience, it is important for both graphic designers and web designers to be able to use their design for communication. Including clarifications and designs in a way that is easily understood by the audience is a similar aspect that needs to be taken care of by both graphics as well as web designers.

With this, we come to the end of the fundamental differences between graphic design and web design. Despite being different in major aspects, graphic designers, as well as web designers both, require to hone their skills, gain experience and put emphasis on their respective tasks to be useful and relatable to the industry.