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 The Popularity of Snapchat among Genz And The Risk Of Getting Hacked

The Popularity of Snapchat among Genz And The Risk Of Getting Hacked

Snapchat was originally introduced in the year 2011, however, achieved its popularity in the year 2021, by experiencing a surge in active users. It became one of the most popular social networking sites for photo sharing and messaging. Snapchat was introduced as an app that was an amalgamation of the three apps, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Everything that a person could do individually on the apps, they could do it all together on Snapchat. The app exerted a particular vibe among the users that affected their behavior as well as psychology. The successful social app dominated the conversation for a long time and became popular among several countries and people of all age groups. The social app gradually gained popularity in India and has now set the milestone of having the most active users in India. Within two years of being launched in India, the app became popular with its short video format like Instagram. Snapchat first introduced the concept of self-deleting photos or rather stories which became popular and became the reason for people liking it. The strong performance of the app is attributed to its popularity. According to analysis, it was found that India is the leading country with the highest user base, with the USA being on second.

The photo-sharing platform started gaining an audience base demographically based on the younger generation. The popularity of social networking sites became popular within a small period, thus maturing their attention among teenagers. It became a pop culture among the youngsters serving them with privacy as well as attention. The craze for privacy among the young generation increased with the surge in usage of the app due to the feature of hiding or rather removing the photos and posts after a day. It seemed similar to the concept of a “DND” tag on the door. The introduction of such features for the first time caused a sudden surge in users. The popularity of Snapchat increased for another reason that is quite related to the privacy issue; elder generations started flooding Facebook which drove the Millennials and the Genis to shift to another platform. Snapchat was thus the savior providing privacy to youngsters from the elder generations. Although the app got involved in the explicit content controversy that led the company to clear its records and get them straight. The absurd and preposterous images that got shared via this platform played with their reputation which led them to provide updates and push the game further. Despite this controversy and several such controversies, the popularity of the app started increasing rather than decreasing. However, with popularity comes the issue of safety in cases of such social platforms. Despite being the media destination Snapchat faced issues of hacking and privacy problem. It was reported that Snapchat was hacked and temporarily the data of the users were posted online. The risk of getting hacked is quite prominent on every social media platform, although several Snapchat hacking tools are available in the market like cocospy, uMobix, and such. Although the images and posts disappear after a few hours, the data is still present, which is the main issue. In case the account of the user gets hacked and the posts fall into wrong hands, it can cause severe issues. Hacking Snapchat accounts have become easier than ever with the tools and thus anyone can hack, which is why it is important to take care of personal accounts. There are steps to keep your account secure such as:

  • Keeping the password safe and private.
  • Do not leave the phone unattended or open while using Snapchat.
  • Choose a strong password.
  • Keep the privacy setting updated.
  • Avoid strangers on the app, and add friends simply.
  • Enable two-factor authentication and protect your account from being logged in by others.

With these few steps and with the information shared, securing your Snapchat account can be easy. Protect your privacy and cyber safety and enjoy.