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 The Link between a Domain and Dedicated Hosting for a Proper Online Presence

The Link between a Domain and Dedicated Hosting for a Proper Online Presence

Retail stores, companies, and local businesses are going online and changing their marketing style at a rapid rate. Several companies and stores are opening new ventures or taking their products and services to the digital sphere due to the benefits that are associated with e-commerce and online marketing. Online businesses with online marketing strategies tend to provide the company and business owner with low cost, and maximum profit. Online marketing allows businesses to access global market data, competition, and other aspects, which helps the business grow by learning and also helps it to thrive in the competitive market. Several companies throughout the world have been turning their shops and marketing structure into online businesses and availing their services through online stores via smartphones. With digital improvement, it has even become difficult for businesses to carry on the traditional way of marketing and attract and retain customers. Therefore, most companies, be it small-scale or large scale took to the online medium and started developing their online presence. However, the most important aspect of creating an online presence is having a website. This brings us to the discussion about domains and servers, that are most important to know and take care of before launching a website.

What are domains?

In simple terms, domains are web addresses that help people search or visit the company or business website. It is a unique name decided by the company and to claim that name, one must buy it for a year or register it. However, one of the most important aspects of domain registration that a business person or a company must know is that domains are required to be renewed every year. A domain name is something that builds the online presence of a company, therefore a lot of effort is put into it.

Importance of buying a domain

Domain names create a difference and affect the online presence of a company. Here are several other benefits of domain registration that have been mentioned below:

  • It gives instant credibility to the business.
  • Makes the company convenient to search for and accessible.
  • Creates a strong business image.
  • SEO-friendly domain names help with site ranking.

Connecting the dots between domains and web hosting

Although domains, web hosts, and websites are different aspects and elements, they still work together to help people find the company and the business online. They all work together collectively as a part of the DNS. The entire task is guided by the servers that keep the website files safely and are further managed by the web hosts. Web hosts provide a secure online home for the website and gather and send data associated with web pages. Companies and individual businesses in the initial years tend to focus more on shared web hosting since it is more affordable. However, several issues are associated with shared hosting, hence large sectors, MNCs, and even a few small-scale industries prefer dedicated hosting.

What is dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting allows a single site to be hosted on the server. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting is a value for money, although it is comparatively pricier than shared hosting. Security-wise as well, dedicated hosting is considered better than shared hosting, since it is used by a single site handler. A dedicated server provides better control than shared hosting since it provides flexibility and operational performance.

Advantages and disadvantages of dedicated hosting

Just like every other thing, even dedicated hosting has its pros and cons. To summarise, dedicated hosting has the mentioned advantages;

  • High performance
  • High security
  • Flexibility
  • Control
  • Access

Now it is time to bring out the disadvantages of dedicated hosting;

  • High price
  • Rarely recommended for small-scale business
  • Requires Hitech knowledge

Ultimately we have reached the end of the conversation regarding the online presence and usage of a proper domain name and its web hosting. Know more about what is best for your business with our service. We would be glad to serve you.