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  • Hey Google - the voice search assistant and its impact on daily life as well as on SEOs
 Hey Google - the voice search assistant and its impact on daily life as well as on SEOs

Hey Google - the voice search assistant and its impact on daily life as well as on SEOs

“Hey Google”, the term that revolutionized internet searching by allowing users to use their voice for improved search, is causing people to go gaga over the technological improvement. Although we have become habituated to this particular innovation, we cannot deny the fact that it is a technological marvel. Google introduced the product with the name “voice search” for computers and “assistant” for android phones and tabs. The smarter the device, the better it becomes for Google to introduce innovative features. The voice search or search assistant works in simple ways which makes it easy and quick for the user to search anything over the internet. It not only works as a device assistant but also works as an assistant for the apps and software. The assistant makes it easy for you to search for anything by speaking into the mic. Well, let us get into proper technical details of what google voice search actually is, and how it works, and further let us learn about its benefits, challenges, and its effects on SEO.

What is a Google voice search?

In layman’s terms, Google voice search is a technology that allows users to use Google’s assistance for their searches by speaking into the smart devices. The technology has been made easily available to all who have a smart device with internet connectivity. The technology allows the user to tap on the microphone on the Google bar and ask any query. It allows the user to multitask by giving the main advantage of hands-free search. The voice search assistance appears to be more handy and useful for all which helps people to ask questions directly and get several answers and recommendations. People have claimed that google voice search resembles human communication which makes it easier and more personal on different levels. Voice search is a part of google's actions that allow people to have a different knack for curiosity. Google actions make it easy for the user to utilize the features that are activated by voice, gestures, and other actions. Actions accomplish the tasks mainly through gestures and voice, which is considered a groundbreaking innovation.

How does it work?

With advancements in technology, today voice searches have reached a peak where the AI can hear your voice analyze, and decode the meaning based on your as well as the technology’s shared language database. If attempting to search for something online try out google voice search, it is not only easy but also makes tasks easy. Ever wondered about the functioning that is behind the technology? Let's discuss how it works. Although the language is considered a barrier among humans, it is not an issue for an AI due to its massive database that stores different languages and enjoys rich cultural differences. The speech recognition technology was discovered long back but with time, it only improved itself to match the needs of humans. Speech recognition happened to have been the real challenge in the case of the voice search since the entirety of the technology is based on that. Humans hear the sounds associated with speech and their brain determines, however in the case of AI, their software manipulates the phonemes, processes them to analyze, and further determines the context and the meaning, all within a few seconds. This is where computer science collaborates with complex linguistics and mathematics, for the development of these AIs. Google voice search figures out what the person is trying to speak with the help of the internet by linking speech recognition with its complex language processing feature. Previously these voice searches used to use DNNs while recently with improvements in technology they use neural network acoustic models to give you maximum accuracy even in noisy surroundings.

Benefits and challenges of voice search

Now that we have simply made the technology that is behind these AIs easy for you, let us move on to its uses and benefits. Focusing on how remarkable innovation and technology can be, and how easily it can impact our lives, let us learn about its benefits. Voice search benefits us in several ways like;

  • Usefulness in e-commerce: shopping sites have experienced the best advantage of voice search. It has been surveyed and found that one-third of online shoppers are voice searchers, thus with Google voice assist people have experienced benefits like fast results and barrier-free shopping. It helps to personalize the customer’s shopping journey.
  • Usefulness in brand promoting: voice search is considered the best marketing tool, with its branded voice assist and paid promotions. You can always focus on voice-led marketing tactics for building a proper brand image and creating brand awareness. The marketing aspect of the voice assistant is what intervenes with SEO.

With all the good that voice search does for us, here are certain challenges that the users can face while utilizing the technology. There are a few major issues that can be a concern for the users such as;

  • Privacy concern: some people claim that they find voice searches downright creepy, due to the way they analyze speech and answer back. People have even claimed that they find voice searches a privacy breach since tech companies have never been transparent about the storage of voice data.
  • Not very desktop friendly: Google voice search is the only in-built operation that is available since mac and windows haven't made their Voice search Siri and Cortana available for all. Google voice search is a ubiquitous tool, that struggles to meet the needs of people on desktops.
  • Failing in regional accent: although voice support has improved a lot and has shown a decent understanding of accents over the ages, it still has a long way to go regarding regional and local languages. It can be a little tiring when the AI fails to understand the regional accent or dialect. These are genuine issues that are stopping people from fully utilizing the technology. However, people have high hopes regarding the improvement that voice search technology can show eventually.
  • Miscommunication: a major hurdle that people face while using this technology is that the AI behind these innovative features fail to understand their queries and problems of miscommunication appear. Although Google claims to have improved its word accuracy to 90%, people still find it far from being perfect.

Thus finally we can state that despite all the perfection and challenges, voice search has improved itself over the course of time, and Google being the universal provider of voice assistance overall smart devices are trying really hard to meet the expectations of people.

How does voice search affect your SEO?

If you are a content marketer or a journalist, then the SEO part of the benefit of voice assistance must have sparked curiosity in you. Yes, let us finally come to the cherry on the cake and learn about the effects of voice search on SEO. we can share some handy tips that you can use to optimize your content for the voice search process.

  • Answering FAQs: most voice searches come as 5W 1H, thus when you are answering questions do it correctly by answering questions starting with W and H. it is a strategic asset that helps to rank your content faster and make it available to people.
  • Easy-to-read content: subtitles, bullets, and highlights are important if you are willing to work on your SEO and make your content fit for voice search. Just like people, even Google goes through the points and highlighted parts before recommending it to people, since the AI knows that people generally go through the pointers to find their desired results.
  • Mobile optimized content: making a website mobile-friendly is a crucial part of SEO, especially in this day and age when most users surf through their mobile phones. Take a step towards optimizing your content and making it mobile-friendly, so that people using google voice search from their phones can have access to your content.
  • Embrace language: language is a vital part of voice assistant since it analyzes contents that are available in the user’s searching language. Thus if you make your content available in different languages, it makes Google voice search easy to recommend your content to people.

Reaching the end of the content we can conclude by stating that technology has made everything easier in our lives. Give it some more time to see how widespread technology can get and how well it can perform by acknowledging its strengths, weaknesses, and differences.